The mission of ASTROLYNE is to produce thermoplastic and rubber hoses for high and low pressures and for different applications, pursuing customer satisfaction through attention to quality by constantly monitoring the feedback information coming from market and products.

The commercial objectives of ASTROLYNE are to maintain and to improve the positive cooperation with his suppliers and his customers through his strengths: quality, customized products, flexible time of delivery, service and support.

The Management promotes the professionalism of its staff. Each of them, at every level, they have as target the customer satisfaction, through the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and though product quality.

We all in Astrolyne carry out a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, which is based on risks and opportunities analysis referred to its working context with a view to continuous improvement, through quality objectives defined at least yearly and shared with the team.


Thanks to the continuous research, we are the first, in the greasing market, who use laser technology for marking. ... [ +info ]